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Prince George's County, Maryland
Our call sign is W3PGC
Our VHF Repeater is K3ERA - 145.230- pl 110.9 in Distric Heights, MD .
Please set your rig for both TX & RX Tone Squelch to 110.9 Hz.
Our VHF Winlink node is KA3AHI-10on 145.750 MHz.
We also have HF Winmor nodes, call sign K3ERA on 80m & 40m .
To see our complete Frequency List, click the Frequencies button above.
Training Nets - EVERY TUESDAY @ 7:30 PM Local - K3ERA 145.230- pl 110.9 Repeater
Net Control Schedule for January 1, 2019 thru July 3, 2019

See: Net Control Script, Ver. 4.4, 12/28/14

Regular Eye-ball Meetings - 3rd Monday of every month at 7:00 PM Eastern Local

HF Hospital Net - 3.820 MHz LSB on
Wednesday following the 3rd Monday, Every Month at 7:00 PM Eastern Local


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PG-ARES/RACES provides emergency communication support. When the cell towers are down, or overloaded, when the land lines are down and the power is out, Amateur Radio operators can communicate with other operators anywhere in the world.  All members are volunteers with various levels of Amateur Radio licenses.  We also volunteer our personal Amateur Radio equipment when we are called to serve.

"Amateur Radio Today" - by the late Walter Cronkite (YouTube Video)

PG-ARES is supported by contributions from members, the public, and grants to PGCERA, Inc..

View and print the PG-ARES Tri-Fold Brochure

If you are a FCC licensed Amateur Radio Operator and wish to participate or volunteer, you are encouraged to join our Tuesday evening Training-Nets or Meetings.  You may also join our PG-ARES Yahoo Group.

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The PG-ARES/RACES is a field service organization of the Amateur Radio Relay League (ARRL) and as such membership requirements include: a valid FCC Amateur Radio Operators License as well as a willingness to participate.   Our main function is to serve the community with our Amateur Radio hobby in times of need.

To be an ARES Member:

  • download and complete the Membership Application and either return it to the AEC for Administration or bring it to a monthly meeting;
  • participate in the On-the-Air Training Nets held every Tuesday at 7:30 PM Local on K3ERA 145.230- pl 110.9 Repeater; and
  • attend the monthly meetings held the 3rd Monday of every month at 7:00 PM Eastern Local

To be a RACES Member, qualified by Prince George's County and the State of Maryland, you must have completed the following FEMA On-Line Courses:

Send your course completion certificates to the RACES Radio Officer (RO) by email or hand deliver it at a regular Meeting.

To join PG ARES, download and complete the Membership Application, return it to the AEC for Administration or bring it to the monthly meeting.



Meetings - Events Calendar 

PG-ARES On-Air Training Net on EVERY TUESDAY of the month @ 7:30 PM on the K3ERA 145.230- pl110.9 District Heights, MD Repeater

Monthly Meetings on the 3rd Monday of the month @ 7:00 PM at the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) 
Meeting Room, Prince George's County Fire Services Building, 6820 Webster Street, Hyattsville, MD 20784-1474.

MDC Section HF Hospital Training Net (HFHN) on the Wednesday following the Monthly Meeting @ 7:00PM Local on 3820 KHz LSB.  This is a controlled net, please follow the instructions of the Net Control Station, usually Wanda-KA3AHI.

Training Meeting on a selected Saturday Mornings of most months, starting at various times and ending at 12 Noon at the EOC Meeting Room, PG Co. Fire Services Building, 6820 Webster St., Hyattsville, MD 20784-1474.



In order to hone our skills as communicators, net controllers, and volunteers in general, we provide communication support for localevents such as marathons, bicycle races, parades & festivals.  We also provide communication support during emergencies and disasters with other volunteer organizations.

Prince George's County (PG Co.) Health Care Coalition
We have standing agreements with local hospitals and County Health Depts. to provide communication support if and when their existing systems fail.  Currently we have complete radio stations at six of the County hospitals.   Also, the County Health Departments will come online during 2009. When these other stations come on line, PG-ARES will need another 10 to 13 trained operators to operate the new stations. So, if you would like to become involved with the Prince George's ARES, we would like to train you now. Please check into one of the 1st, 3rd, or 5th Tuesday Training Nets and make yourself known.   See the Prince George's Co. Health Care Coalition pages.

HF Hospital Net on the Wednesday following the Monthly Meeting @ 8:00 PM on 3820 KHz LSB.  This is a controlled net, please follow the instructions of the Net Control Station, usually Wanda-KA3AHI.  The HFHN is open to all HF operators from anywhere as we would use this Net for wide area/multi state emergency communications.



On-the-Air Training Nets are held every Tuesday on the 145.230- pl110.9 repeater @ 7:30 PM Local.
Download the Net Control Script, Ver. 4.4, 12/28/14
Net Control Schedule for January 1, 2019 thru July 3, 2019

Training Sessions are also held on one Saturday Morning per month at the FSB-EOC. Please see the WB2IFS-Jesse's PG-ARES/RACES/CERTCOM Training Web for a much more complete listing of upcoming training opportunities.  Also see the PG-ARES Events Calendar for times and locations of training sessions.

A complete listing of FEMA Online Courses

The following courses must be completed in order to work any County or State declared Emergency Incidents (RACES).

As you complete the FEMA courses, please send a copy your completion certificate to the AEC for Administration to update your records in our database, so we know you are eligable to work a RACES incident.



Files, Instructions & other PDF's listed here are for downloading.
You may need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view some files.
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NWS Forcast Office Balto./Wash. - enter your Zip Code for report
NOAA Wx Radio - Wash. DC - WNG-736 @ 162.450 MHz
            Program your WX Radio for Prince George's County, MD 024033, MDZ013
WX4NHC - National Hurricane Center Amateur Radio Station
Lightning Maps - Maps of the local lightning strikes

Traffic Nets
MEPN - Maryland Emergency Phone Net

WinLink 2000
Winlink 2000 web page
RMS Express software download - get the RMS_Express_setup_xxx-xxx.zip file

Broadband Ham Net HSMM-MESH
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Groups & Clubs
GMRA - The Green Mountain Repeater Association - 2 Meter Repeaters
CMRG - Central Maryland Repeater Group - 70 CM Repeaters
       We greatfully thank GMRA and CMRG for the use of the repeaters for the ARES Training & Emergency Nets.
AARC - Anna Arundel Radio Club of Davidsonville, Md.
T-MARC - The Mid-Atlantic Repeater Council



PGARES Call Sign - W3PGC
VHF Repeater is K3ERA - 145.230- pl 110.9 located atop Doctors Hospital in Lanham, MD
RMS Node -   W3PGC-10 - 145.750 MHz & 445.975 MHz located at the EOC in Hyattsville, MD
Location: 39.94553ºN   76.900022ºW
Snail Mail -  
6820 Webster St., Room 113
Hyattsville, MD 20784-1474



Jim Montgomery - WB3KAS
Brandywine, MD
ARES Emergency Coordinator (EC)

Richard Snider - WA3YTK
Upper Marlboro, MD
AEC for Administration

Steven Keller - KC3DSO
Lanham, MD
AEC for Operations

  Wanda Montgomery - KA3AHI
Brandywine, MD
AEC for Health Care Coalition
    (Hospitals & Health Depts.)

  Jim Baker - N3XKJ
Beltsville, MD
AEC for Fire Dept. & EMS

Position Open
 AEC Training
Position Open

  Bill Milligan - W3WFM
Upper Marlboro, MD
AEC Public Information Officer

  Sandra Joseph - KC3JIF
Mount Rainier, MD
AEC Webmaster


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Publication: Andrews Gazette - Friday, Sep 07, 2012
Ham radio operators help hospitals in emergencies
by Chris Basham, Staff writer


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