Prince George's County, Maryland
Wind Wizard August 26, 2010
Prince George's Hospital Center, Cheverly, MD

The "Wind Wizard" drill was a simulated 48 hour emergency involving Calvert, St. Mary's, Charles, Prince George's and Montgomery counties of Maryland. The whole simulated drill was compressed down to just over two hours actual time, so things were happening very fast..

The simulated hurricane coming up the Chesapeake Bay spawned tornados that hit the southern counties hard and knocked out communications to many of the other hospitals at different times. The CVista Hospital in LaPlata simulated a complete shut down that required the transport of many patients to the northern area hospitals.

As the telephone, cell phone and internet systems were knocked down at different times at the different hospitals, Amateur Radio continued communications between all hospitals via the GMRA 146.61 Bladensburg repeater and the linked CMRA 440 repeaters.  WinLink2000 AirMail was also used via the many RMS Packet nodes in the county including W3PGC-10 at the Prince George's EOC.  AirMail emails were sent to many state and county officials showing that the email goes through even when there is a complete "Comms Down" emergency.

PGHC Team Leader Jim-N3ADF testing out the radio cart before the drill.

Incident Command Center at PGHC. Department Heads from the whole hospital took part in the Wind Wizard Drill.

Incident Commander K. Singh Taneja

Spence-KB3USD did an outstanding job as Net Control during the drill.

Jim-N3ADF at the WinLink 2000 "Airmail" station

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