Hospital Coalition

The PG-ARES Hospital Coalition consists of the seven hospitals in Prince George's County, Maryland,
linked together by Amateur Radio using VHF & UHF Voice & Data links during emergencies
when all other means of communication (land-line telephone, cellphone & internet) is not available.

The PG-ARES Hospital Coalition desperately needs Amateur Radio volunteer operators.
To learn more about the PG-ARES Hospital Coalition, view and print the - PG-ARES Hospital Coalition Tri-Fold (coming soon)

If you would like to get involved with any particular Hospital EmComm Team, we suggest you first check into the regular Tuesday Night PG-ARES On-Air Training Net and make yourself known and your desire to join a particular Hospital EmComm Team."

All questions pretaining to the PG-ARES Hospital Coalition should be directed to:
          KA3AHI, Wanda, AEC - Hospital Coalition

HF Health Care Traning Net on the Wednesday following the 3rd Monday @ 7:30 PM on 3820 KHz LSB.  This is a controlled net; please follow the instructions of the Net Control Station, W3PGC, who is usually KA3AHI, Wanda.

Prince George's County Hospitals location map.

Bowie Health Center
Team Lead ~ Hugh, W9WNH
Members: Milford - N3WYG
 Nick, N3CK
Bowie Health Center   MAP
15001 Health Center Drive
Bowie, MD 20716
Switchboard - 301-262-5511
POC - Mark Arsenault, 301-335-6254

38.94936 N  76.74549 W
Grid - FM18pw

Doctors Community Hospital Team Lead ~ Jim, KD3JA
Members: Chuck - N3ODK
Rita - KB3NJG
Gregory - KB3NJW
John - KB3NJI
Doctors Community Hospital   MAP
8118 Good Luck Road
Lanham, MD 20706
Switchboard - 301-552-8118
POC - Nancy Haupt

38.98241 N  76.86575 W
Grid - FM18nx

Fort Washington
Hospital Center
Team Lead ~ Ken, KB3IIE
Members: Bob - W1BJC
Ft. Washington Hospital Center   MAP
11711 Livingston Road
Ft. Washington, MD 20744
Switchboard - 301-203-2210
POC - John Boyd

38.72892 N  76.99239 W
Grid - FM18mr

Laurel Regional Hospital Team Lead ~ Jerry, N3WSG
Members: Jim - N3XKJ
Laurel Regional Hospital   MAP
7300 Van Dusen Road
Laurel, MD 20707
Switchboard - 301-725-4300
POC - Mark Arsenault, 301-335-6254

39.08668 N  76.88027 W
Grid - FM19nc

Prince Georges
Hospital Center
Team Lead ~ Jim, N3ADF
Members: Spence - NX3SS
Prince Georges Hospital Center   MAP
3001 Hospital Drive
Hyattsville, MD 20785
POC - Mark Arsenault, 301-335-6254

38.93125 N  76.92148 W
Grid - FM18mw

Southern Maryland
Hospital Center
Team Lead ~ Jesse, WB2IFS
Members: Jim - WB3KAS
Wanda - KA3AHI
Southern Maryland Hospital Center   MAP
7503 Surratts Road
Clinton, MD 20735
Switchboard - 301-868-8000
POC - Bob Mullady

38.74831 N  76.86719 W
Grid - FM18nr

Prince George's County
Health Department
Team Lead ~ Bill, W3WFM
Members - -----, -----
Prince George's Co. Health Dept.   MAP
1701 McCormick Drive
Largo, MD   20774-5329
Switchboard - 301-324-5141
POC - Herman Douglas

38.91306 N  76.84535 W
Grid - FM18nv

Prince George's County
Emergency Office of Communications
Team Lead ~ Ken, KB3IIE, Races Officer
Members - -----, -----
Emergency Office of Communications   MAP
Fire Services Building, Rm.113 6820 Webster St.
Hyattsville, MD 20784-1474
146.610- Bladensburg Repeter

38.94586 N  76.900063 W
Grid - FM18nw

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