Prince George's County, Maryland
Go-Kit Workshop & Show & Tell
July 12 & August 16, 2008

PG Fire Services Building - EOC - Landover Hills, MD

Pictures taken by KA8YPY & N3ADF

AEC for Logistics, WA3KAS-Jim, giving the presentation on "Go-Kits"

And finally "In Summary"

Good turn out by Members & other interested Hams.

Q. & A. Session - Notice the two 2m/70CM J-Pole Antennas on the tripod

A "Go-Kit In-a-Bag" - 2M Rig, Battery, Flashlite, Headphones, Antenna, Handheld rig, Paper & Pencil and "other stuff"

Another larger "Go-Kit In-a-Bag" - this time a multi-tool bag holds much more.

AEC for Hosptials, KA3AHI-Wanda's dainty but indestructable "Go-Kit" case.

WA3KAS's rigs from his large kit seen at far left. Notice the Mag-Mount Antenna on the case.

               WA3KAS's big "Go Kit on Wheels" by Stanley    -    AEC for Operations, N3XKJ-Jim's, "Go-Kit" in a vest

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