Prince George's County, Maryland
Field Day 2009
American Legion Post 66, Bowie, MD
Section: MDC   Grid: FM18
Lat/Lon: 39.02215N  76.78456W   Alt: 44m

Station #1 - HF fed to a G5RV Jr. Antenna at 30 feet.

Satellite Ground Station with N3ADF & N3XKJ working a Satellite pass.
Check out the compass rose painted on the ground for antenna azimuth.

Satellite Ground Station - Arrow 2m/440 and IC-W31A HT on tripod.

Station #2 - on right: HF/6 IC-729 to a all band vertical
on left: 6m Halo, and 144/430 IC-910H to 2m and 70cm halos.  Shown with Satellite Pass Predictions chart.

Jim-N3ADF shown at Station #2
with Dave-KB3NIK in the background and Bill-W3WFM & Jim-N3XKJ bringing in supplies.

Just before Sunrise, a beautiful view looking NE - The all-band vertical whip for HF Station 2 on the right
Part of the G5RV-Jr for Station #1 can be seen in the upper left.

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